Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Color Book: YELLOW

YELLOW - Autumn Leaves

Yellow is a great color of autumn.  For our unit today, each child is asked to bring a leaf (not necessarily a yellow one).

First we sort the leafs by color.

Then we read a book about leafs.  There are lots of great ones.  I like to read a non-fiction book and a fiction book.

Then we do leaf rubbings.  I usually let them do two.  One they can use different colors, and then one with just yellow rubbings which is saved for the color book.

Another fun activity inspired by pinterest, was making these great marbleized autumn leafs.  This was a lot of fun, and the results were beautiful.

First, fill a cake pan with shaving cream.

 Then, drizzle paints over the cream.

Use a pencil and drag it back and forth through the paint to create a design like this:

Press a leaf cutout into the paint.

Use a squeegee to scrape off the shaving cream.

The results were great swirls of autumn colors!

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