Friday, February 28, 2014


I've been SLOWLY updating my handwriting letter pages.  I really like the format of half sized pages - easier for the little ones to complete, and half as many papers to copy.  So I am reformatting and updating some of the images.

I am also compiling mini books for each letter to reinforce other important skills found in the common core including:

  • Letter identification
  • Phonics - initial sounds
  • Isolating beginning, medial, and final sounds
  • Directed drawing (geometry - using shapes to create simple drawings)
  • TONS of handwriting practice

They are intended to be copied back to back, folded and put together to make a mini-book with 8 activities for each letter. Try out this freebie (click any of the pages below for a free download).  I would love feedback - please let me know what you think - and keep following me for the other letters to follow :) 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Font Happy!

I've been busy creating new fonts.  I am a big time fontaholic - are there meetings for this?  There are so many details involved in creating your own font - getting the letters balanced, adjusting the kerning so there are not awkward spaces (like after the letter q), tweaking and smoothing the curves, etc,.  But after hours of work, it is so satisfying to use the end result.  I am loving these new ones.  Grab them now while they are on sale!  Still tweaking a fun cursive font with lots of extra characters - cursive fonts are sooooo much more complicated.  I should have it available soon.

 Curly Swirly

ph Happy Font

 Flirty Font