Monday, March 4, 2013

Color Book - BLUE

Haven't updated the blog for a while.  Here is another post about colors.  I usually do colors over an extended period of time, having one day with a color focus each week.  So, it takes a couple of months to get through all the colors.  I typically do this during the fall, because several colors work so well with fall themes.

BLUE - Blue Bubble Paint

I like to do this activity in conjunction with our study of the letter "B" - lots of b-b-b sounds in "blue bubbles".

To make the blue bubble paint, mix ¼ cup blue tempera or 2 tablespoons liquid water color paint (or you could use blue tempera paint too) with 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap and ½ cup water in a medium sized disposable container (like a cool whip carton). Stir gently to combine. Cover table with plenty of newspaper -- this will be messy.  Give each child their own drinking straw and have them take turns blowing bubbles in the bubble paint. When the bubbles erupt above the rim of the bowl, gently touch the paper to the blue bubbles. Repeat until the entire paper is covered with blue bubble prints.

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