Friday, February 28, 2014


I've been SLOWLY updating my handwriting letter pages.  I really like the format of half sized pages - easier for the little ones to complete, and half as many papers to copy.  So I am reformatting and updating some of the images.

I am also compiling mini books for each letter to reinforce other important skills found in the common core including:

  • Letter identification
  • Phonics - initial sounds
  • Isolating beginning, medial, and final sounds
  • Directed drawing (geometry - using shapes to create simple drawings)
  • TONS of handwriting practice

They are intended to be copied back to back, folded and put together to make a mini-book with 8 activities for each letter. Try out this freebie (click any of the pages below for a free download).  I would love feedback - please let me know what you think - and keep following me for the other letters to follow :) 

1 comment:

  1. RATS! We just finished our unit on the letter "D"! :)
    Seriously, thank you! I plan on laminating this so we can use it with our dry erase markers. THANKS AGAIN!